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This much I’ve learned….

I’ll be leaving my post as Chief Executive at CAW on 29 June. If you’ll permit me one final indulgence I’d like to leave you with a few bits of wisdom I’ve picked up during my five years here. I certainly don’t claim originality – these are simply a few things I’ve found to be […]

It’s all about relationships and trust

On 2nd November 2017 we hold our Annual General Meeting, which this year will provide a space for a conversation about partnerships and collaboration. We want to agree some simple, incremental steps towards being clearer about how we can work closer together and offer a better advice service by improving ways of referring people – […]

Brexit – how it affects you

The UK public has voted to leave the EU.  If you’re an EU citizen living in the UK, your rights to live, work or get benefits won’t change until at least December 31st 2020. You are now able to apply for settled status if you have a biometric passport and access to an Android phone […]